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Employee Attitude Surveys

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Why Our Survey Is Unique

Survey Forms

CVR's surveys are designed to capture data on employee attitudes by work group and demographics. Each form is a simple, single-page survey that is easy to administer and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. To facilitate the survey process, our standard survey form is divided into the following three sections: survey group coding, demographics, and survey statements.

Survey Group Coding

These codes are used to identify each separate work group or survey group in the output reports. They are assigned by the client and permit virtually unlimited flexibility in the reporting of the data.


This section contains standard demographics, such as education, length of service, and type of pay, to name a few, which can be compared for the entire organization. If utilized, they allow for a comprehensive and detailed comparison of attitudes in the output reports.


The core statements of our standard Employee Attitude Survey assess the overall Human Resources climate of your company, as well as union vulnerability and problems with retention and communication. Its 20 statements are designed to effectively capture pertinent data on the following:

  • work group cooperation
  • advancement opportunities
  • working conditions
  • performance feedback
  • confidence in management
  • rules and procedures
  • retirement plan
  • job security
  • job freedom
  • use of abilities
  • seeking outside job
  • pride in the organization
  • change in organization
  • insurance benefits
  • overall satisfaction with work
  • supervision
  • fairness of pay
  • favoritism
  • job future
  • job expectations

Survey Reports

CVR's survey reports are designed to be self-contained and self-explanatory, and they provide only pertinent data to facilitate understanding and interpretation. The following is a list of reports included with each survey.

For companies that have done a previous survey with CVR, comparative survey reports are available in which the current survey results are compared to prior survey results.

When our core survey statements are utilized, three standard indexes are included with the reports. These indexes offer a quick overview of attitudes for each survey group.