CVR Center for Values Research, Inc.

Lean Systems Surveys

Designed by CVR as a supplement to our standard Employee Attitude Survey, we now offer a tool for assessing the status of your lean systems process. Data collection on the perceptions of how well the Lean Systems journey is progressing is critical to detecting areas needing more emphases as well as the aspects of Kaizen, 5-S, training, key staff support and recognition of areas where the process is effective and well received.

We have two companion versions:

        Lean Business Survey

                    For your Management, Supervision and Salaried Staff 

        Lean Manufacturing Survey

                    For your Production, Maintenance and Hourly Employees

Each version has 20 items and uses the same processes our standard attitude survey. We will provide reports using the same format as the attitude survey.

Contact Charles Hughes for information and to receive a sample of the forms