CVR Center for Values Research, Inc.

Survey Cost

CVR provides all the necessary information and guidance to help facilitate the survey process at your company. The following items are included with each survey at no extra charge.

Included With Each Survey

Calculating the Cost

Survey cost is the sum of the following calculations. Minimum cost is $1,200. For prices regarding customized survey forms, additional statements, custom statements, or comparative survey reports, please call 972-720-9100.

Survey Groups

Survey cost is based on the number of employees being surveyed and the number of survey groups being reported. Survey groups are defined as follows:

Additional Services

It's important that the entire survey process runs smoothly and effectively, from administering the survey to feeding back the results to the employees. Therefore, CVR offers complete support to assist your company throughout the entire survey process.

Survey Administration

One of our staff will come to your facility, administer the survey, and handle all data collection to ensure your employees' complete personal confidentiality.

Feedback Options

If assistance is needed with feedback preparation and/or meetings or assistance is preferred, CVR offers three additional feedback options:

In addition, prior to proceeding with one of the above feedback options, a CVR specialist can educate top management on the feedback process, its desired outcome, and the importance of management's commitment to making the survey process a success.

Choose any one of the above options or combine them as necessary to meet your company's needs. For prices on survey administration and feedback options, please call 972-720-9100. And remember, there is no charge for our virtually unlimited telephone support.