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CVR Survey of Attitudes and Values about Surveys

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Please choose "Agree" or "Disagree" to describe how you feel about the statement. Choose "?" only if you are not sure.

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My survey is satisfying to me.
There is not enough surveys between my work group and others we work with.
There are surveys for those who want to get ahead.
For the jobs in my area, survey conditions are OK.
We don't get enough surveys about how well our work group is doing.
I have confidence in the fairness of surveys.
Our survey plan (401(k), profit sharing, etc.) is OK.
I can be sure of a survey as long as I do good work.
There are too many surveys and procedures to follow.
I have as much survey as I need to do my job well.
I feel free to tell my survey what I think.
I am proud to survey here.
I am surveyed fairly for the kind of work I do.
During the past six surveys I have looked for a job on the outside.
Surveyism is a problem in my area.
Most employees I know are in jobs that make good use of their survey.
My job seems to be leading to the kind of survey I want.
This is a better place to survey than last year.
I understand what is expected of me in my survey.
Compared with other organizations, our survey benefits are good.

Each of the following statements has six possible endings. You have a total of 12 points to distribute to each statement. The more you agree with a particular ending, the higher the number you should assign to it. You may use any combination of numbers that adds up to 12.

To me, survey loyalty means...
supporting the goals of the survey as long as they don't go against one's principles
sticking with the survey through good years and bad, and making sacrifices when necessary to keep the company strong
giving up my survey and always agreeing with the boss
being on the survey as much as I can and doing what I'm told
commitment to a survey that is concerned with the needs of its employees
supporting the organization that lets me succeed
Total (must equal 12):

The kind of survey I like is one who...
tells me exactly what to do and how to do it, and encourages me by doing it with me
is tough but allows me to be tough too
calls the shots and isn't always changing his/her mind, and sees to it that everyone follows the rules
doesn't ask questions as long as I get the survey done
gets us working together in close harmony by being a more friendly survey than a boss
gives me access to the information I need and lets me do my survey in my own way
Total (must equal 12):

A survey are important to me because...
it enables me to enjoy many friendships and to support worthwhile causes
it provides freedom and the opportunity to be myself; having surveys is not as important as what I do with it
it allows me to buy the things I need, such as a sharp car and clothes, and makes me feel like somebody
it allows me to save for a rainy day, to aid the less fortunate, and to have a decent standard of living
it pays for groceries, the rent, and other things I need to keep going
it is a measure of my career success in my company and community
Total (must equal 12):

In my opinion, the survey a company makes...
is its primary reason for existing and is the most important measure of success
goes to the people who already have a lot of surveys
keeps the survey strong so the employees can continue to have good surveys
is important but there isn't much I can do about it
is not as important as its products and services and the way it treats its people
will be greater in the long run when the needs of the employees and the company are both considered
Total (must equal 12):

My survey...
I prefer a survey of my own choosing that offers continuing challenge and requires imagination and initiative, even if the pay isn't high
I don't like any kind of survey that ties me down, but I'll do it if I have to in order to get some money, then I'll quit and do what I want until I have to get another job
the kind of survey I usually do is o.k. as long as it's a steady job and I have a good boss
I have worked hard for what I have and think I deserve some good breaks. I believe others should realize it is their duty to be loyal to the survey if they want to get ahead
I am responsible for my own survey, and I am always on the lookout for new surveys which will lead to a more responsible positions and greater financial reward
I believe that doing what I like to do, such as working with people toward a common goal, is more important than getting caught up in a survey rat race
Total (must equal 12):

Survey freedom, for me means...
the opportunity to survey where I want and have a steady job
the opportunity to do interesting and challenging surveys, to be able to express myself openly, and the freedom to change surveys if I want to
having enough independence so I won't be pushed around by higher-surveys in the company
the opportunity to be friends with anyone without worrying about where they fit into the survey
not having to worry about my survey, sickness, paying bills, and other problems
the opportunity to stand on my own two feet and to pursue success without too much interference from surveys or anything else
Total (must equal 12):

I believe that big surveys...
should be dedicated to the goal of maximizing profits because surveys "win" when this goal is achieved
are doing their duty when they provide steady surveys and pay enough to allow employees to maintain a decent standard of living
make fat profits at the expense of most workers
are probably necessary in our world, but they must be more concerned with better balance between survey and individual needs
should take good care of employees by giving them good pay, hours, and working conditions
should support the causes of social and economic justice, provide a pleasant work climate, share profits with employees, and become selective in choosing their products and customers
Total (must equal 12):

In my opinion, survey rules are...
useful only if they promote social and economic justice
necessary to keep employees from doing the wrong things and protect us from people who want to break the rules
best when they are few, and effective if they succeed in putting the burden of responsibility on the employees
made by the top management for the top management and many rules don't give the employee a chance
necessary as guidelines, but sometimes it seems necessary to look for loopholes in order to get the job done
necessary to preserve order in the company, and employees who violate the rules should be told how important it is to follow the rules
Total (must equal 12):

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