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CVR Survey of Attitudes about Surveys

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My survey is satisfying to me.
There is not enough surveys between my work group and others we work with.
There are surveys for those who want to get ahead.
For the jobs in my area, survey conditions are OK.
We don't get enough surveys about how well our work group is doing.
I have confidence in the fairness of surveys.
Our survey plan (401(k), profit sharing, etc.) is OK.
I can be sure of a survey as long as I do good work.
There are too many surveys and procedures to follow.
I have as much survey as I need to do my job well.
I feel free to tell my survey what I think.
I am proud to survey here.
I am surveyed fairly for the kind of work I do.
During the past six surveys I have looked for a job on the outside.
Surveyism is a problem in my area.
Most employees I know are in jobs that make good use of their survey.
My job seems to be leading to the kind of survey I want.
This is a better place to survey than last year.
I understand what is expected of me in my survey.
Compared with other organizations, our survey benefits are good.


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